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How Much is Payroll?

At Omega Payroll Services, we offer the complete payroll solution and what’s more is, when it comes to our payroll services that we make available to a range of businesses, we aim to ensure that they are only at value for money prices. We aim to provide a cost effective solution, whatever your needs or requirements, when you choose Payroll Services, you can trust that you’ll receive great payroll solutions at brilliant prices. For more information call today, our specialist team can always be on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the costs and pricing of our payroll solutions, simply get in touch today.

When it comes to our payroll solutions, we aim to provide a service that is not only dynamic and reliable, but won’t break the bank for you or your business. With years of experience in the field, at Omega Payroll Services, we have developed a well established reputation for the services that we provide, as well as the effectively priced payroll packages that we offer. At Omega Payroll Services we provide our solutions on both a local and national level and we pride ourselves on the high quality and cost effective payroll services that we offer. For more information on our payroll pricing, contact the Omega Payroll team today.

Outsourced Payroll

Payroll Support Costs

Cost per payroll run
Number of employees Paid Monthly or 4-weekly Paid 2-weekly Paid Weekly
1-5 £30.00 £27.50 £20.00
6-10 £35.00 £33.50 £32.00
11-15 £52.50 £50.00 £45.00
16-25 £87.50 £85.00 £80.00
26-35 £122.50 £120.00 £115.00
36-50 £175.00 £170.00 £165.00
51-75 £262.50 £260.00 £POA
76-100 £350.00 £POA £POA
>100 £3.50 Per E'ee £POA £POA

Payroll Prices

The cost of our payroll support services will vary depending on the type of service you require, this will include the type of business, number of employees and your specific payroll requirements. At Omega Payroll Services we are upfront about our payroll processing costs, for example, our services start from only £18:95 per month, a real value for money service. We can also provide weekly payroll processing which is priced at £13:50 per week – this will include payroll processing for up to 5 employees per payroll run. You can see our pricing on our payroll support cost table.

If you are in need of payroll support, Omega Payroll is the team to call on, as well as a fully qualified payroll team, we aim to provide competitive pricing and value for money payroll solutions. What’s more is we are fully regulated and licensed accountants and payroll experts, so when you choose Omega Payroll we provide services of the highest standards, as well exceptional value. We are experts in payroll support, no matter your needs we can help. So when searching for payroll pricing, call on the services of Omega Payroll today, our team can provide you with a bespoke quote. 

Why Choose Omega Payroll Services?

When looking for payroll support, make sure you call on your local payroll company. As experts we offer a range of payroll support services and solutions that can help you. We are renowned across the area for the brilliant payroll services that we offer, so when you are in need of payroll specialists, get in touch. Whatever your requirements, please call Omega Payroll today, our expert team can always be on hand to assist and answer your queries. Here are just some reasons why you should choose Omega Payroll Services:

  • A wealth of industry experience and knowledge
  • Local company with a well-known reputation
  • We offer a range of payroll services
  • We work with clients across the local areas
  • Dedicated and professional team of payroll professionals

We offer a range of services including: inclusive payroll services, omega payroll services, payslips, setting up payroll, workplace pensions, and accountancy services.

How much do you payroll services cost?

Our payroll service prices tend to vary and will depend on the payroll solutions that you need. When it comes to larger payroll needs that include more complex financial accounts this will cost much more than a smaller payroll requirement. At Omega Payroll our professional team aims to always make sure that they go through your needs thoroughly and provide you with an accurate quote and estimate.

Can you provide me with a payroll services quote?

Yes we can, to get a quote our team will require a brief overview of all of your books and records, this is to help us work out which specific payroll services you need. We do this to make sure that all of the relevant information is looked over before we put together the payroll quote. 

Outsourced Payroll
Payroll Company

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Here at Omega Payroll Services, we have been providing payroll services for many years now. So regardless of your business, the services you provide or the number of employees you have, we are more than confident in saying that we can help. Nothing is off limits for us, so if you’re looking for the best company to outsource your payroll to, Omega Payroll Services are by far the ones to choose. Having offered payroll services throughout Hull for many years now, some of the main benefits of outsourcing payroll we have experienced are:

  • Less stress for the business owner to arrange payroll
  • More time to focus elsewhere
  • Far fewer opportunities for a mistake or back payment
  • Improves data security
  • Outsourcing payroll can save you money – find out more today!

The above points are just a few examples of the benefits of outsourcing payroll. Should you like to find out more about the benefits of outsourcing payroll or to have your payroll organised and controlled by us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. From advice and information to providing you with more details regarding payroll costs etc. we’re always happy to help.

For Payroll Package Prices, Contact Omega Payroll Today

When you require a payroll package, Omega Payroll has got you covered, should you be in need of a professional payroll company in the local area, make sure that you call on our services today. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and are renowned for the services that we offer, our payroll options are available to all types of customers and clients including businesses; regardless of the industry and size and individuals. What’s more is we aim to provide value for money payroll packages and pricing. So should you need any more information or have any questions about our services please give us a call today. 

Payroll FAQs

What is my payroll number?

You can find your payroll number (or employee number) on your payslip. This is how your payroll department will distinguish between each employee.

What is payroll?

Payroll is a treasury measurement where there is a list of employees from a company, all of whom are entitled to receive payments plus other work benefits. These days, it’s used in reference to employee wages and keeping a record of the amount of money an employee has made in overtime. To summarise, payroll is required to calculate how much your employees need to be paid.

How do I do payroll?

Running your own business and taking care of payroll can be incredibly difficult. Not only to keep on top of the latest payroll but also having the time to complete it each week or month. We have seen numerous businesses who have tried to take on their own payroll, and they have found it to be a lot more time consuming than they first thought. So, in our opinion, we think it’s best you come to us where we will be able to take care of everything and take the pressure off yourself.

What is payroll tax?

Payroll take is a percentage of an employees salary that is withheld from them to be paid to the government to fund public programs. This percentage can vary depending on the employee’s wage. For more information regarding payroll taxes then please be sure to give us a call at Omega Payroll Services and we will be able to help you further.

Who offers payroll services near me?

At Omega Payroll Services, we’re committed to providing payroll services across Hull. Nothing is off limits for us, so if you’re based in Hull and are looking for the best payroll services, come to none other than Omega Payroll Services. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today to discover more information about our payroll services. We will be happy to help you.